Pepper soup with mushrooms

Entree | Intermediate

Pepper soup with mushrooms


    3 green Flandria peppers, 250 g Flandria mushrooms, 2 shallots, 1/2 kg potatoes,
    100 g butter, 2 l vegetable stock, 1 1/2 dl fresh cream, 1 stale piece of bread or sandwich,
    fresh-ground pepper, salt, a pinch of fresh oregano and mint leaves.


  • Sauté the chopped shallots in the hot butter. Add the pepper strips, finely-chopped potatoes and mushrooms...
  • Sauté for 5 minutes.
  • Pour the bouillon over it and leave it to simmer for 20 minuteson a medium heat.
  • Cut the bread or sandwich into cubes and fry it in hot butteruntil crisp and golden brown.
  • Season the soup with salt, pepper and oregano.
  • Stir the fresh cream into it and garnish before serving with the croûtons and fresh mint.
  • If you're worried about your figure, leave out the fresh cream. You can mix in
    some slivers of cooked chicken or meatballs, to produce a delicious summery
    soup meal.