As delicious as a kiwi, as soft as a grape. Thanks to the shape, texture and skin this berry is the ideal snack.

The berry is rich in vitamin C: 70 mg per 100 g (87.5% of the recommended daily amount). They kiwi berry has no hair on its skin: it can be eaten as is. The flesh is soft, very sweet and juicy.

Belgian kiwi berries are available in September and October.

The available varieties include Geneva, Weiki, Kiwino, Issaï and Ken’s Red. But you will find them all in the shop under the heading Hoogstraten.

So sweet, so juicy

Type Little kiwi fruit
Variety o.a. Geneva, Weiki, Ken's Red and Issaï
Fruit Weight 4 - 8 grammes
  • Soft, edible skin, certainly not fuzzy
  • The colour can be green, greenish red or red.
  • Garnishing
  • Desserts
  • Snack
  • Smoothies and cocktails
Availability September - October
Assimilation lighting -