Hoogstraten becomes Hoogstraten



Veiling Hoogstraten cv revealed its new logo. Together with the new logo, the name has also been changed to Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv.

Veiling Hoogstraten cv revealed its new logo today. The logo shows a leaf whose veins form the letter H, as a reference to Hoogstraten. The new logo is a translation of a strategic reflection of the brand, with a focus on its personality and essence. More than ever, the cooperative aims to be a quality reference and an expert in fruit and vegetables. The new logo represents the Hoogstraten brand as a reliable partner in the sector, and its graphical simplicity guarantees optimal usability.

Together with the new logo, the name has also been changed to Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv. The use of “coöperatie” in the name indicates a clear strategy aimed at pooling resources while leaving room for individual entrepreneurship, and underlines the importance of mutual collaboration in a constantly changing entrepreneurial environment.

The effects of globalisation and internationalisation are increasingly perceptible. The market is changing all the time. We are now positioning Hoogstraten as a corporate brand in the market, with Europe as its action radius. The success story of the strawberries will be extended to all products in the cooperative. As we are cultivating a philosophy in which quality and food safety are central, we will continue to use the Flandria and Hoogstraten quality labels for vegetables and soft fruit respectively.

These changes are part of a redefinition of our brand policy, in which, as the representative of all growers, the Board of Directors has been closely involved from the beginning. The identity and key values of the cooperative were redefined during an intensive transition. Every day, Coöperatie Hoogstraten cv translates the cooperative ideal into its key values: trust, expertise, passion, health and customer focus. These values are given shape in a new, fresh and contemporary house style.

The logo is a leaf, whose veins form an H. The dynamic form and curve of the logo represent the open attitude of Hoogstraten, in fresh and natural colours. The letter logo is functional and modern, and forms a whole together with the rounded logo.